Inspired by a material girl: creating a special wedding image

Photographers get their inspiration from so many different places. From web images, newspapers, daily life and childhood memories, old magazines, films and so on. They will usually have a favourite photographer or two, past or present, who will inspire them too.

I used a memory as a source of inspiration at a wedding I captured in Rye last Autumn. It was the October half term, on a bright and sunny day (thank you, thank you!). Anna had decided quite late on that she wanted a few bridal prep images to be taken. I am so pleased she did.

The tuille on Anna’s dress reminded me of an old Madonna album photo (goodness going back to when I must have been about 10 and dancing around my bedroom). The photograph, I think, was on the back or inside of the album cover. It was a sepia shot with lots of voile skirt layers of Madonna sitting on a bed putting on her shoes as I recall. (The image, I have looked up since, was not quite how I remembered it but it was still a great shot and much inspiration to me). The lighting and mood was spot on and she just looked amazing and that stuck with me.

I always wanted to create an image with a similar feel and Anna’s dress was perfect! I didn’t mention to her the inspiration, so she doesn’t know this story but I hope she loves the photo as much as I do.

If you have any inspiration or ideas for an image you want to create during a photoshoot talk to your photographer about it – they will love the challenge. Be realistic, most photographer’s styles are different so the image will vary and not be a carbon copy but a slight variation on the theme will still create a similar effect and hopefully evoke the memory of the inspiration each time you look at the image. Be clear with what you would like, take the image along with you if that is your inspiration. Who knows you may actually get a better image!