Belle Amatt


Located in West Sussex,  I work in London, Brighton and surrounding areas. My days are spent nourishing, advising, educating and supporting clients on obtaining healthier and happier lifestyles. I offer lectures on all things ‘nutrition’, I create and host workshops and also write fiction. I also formulate menus and work on nutrition related aspects of events. The main aim of my work is to inspire, and to allow and encourage the finest health and wellbeing in whatever way this is best achieved. My first novel is out and available on Amazon right NOW!

I have a BA in English Literature, a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University and a background in teaching. These I blend in order to offer sound nutritional knowledge and motivation to push forward with healthy living and being.

What’s on Offer?

I offer a variety of nutrition based services including 1-1 consultations, food intolerance testing, workshops, ‘Cleanse’ courses, lectures, menu creation, product reviews and articles on nutrition, food and lifestyle. See the contact page for more information on these.